First Term Accomplishments

Economy and Workforce Development

  • Established and distributed $24.2M in regional business relief funds to EPC businesses and non-profits affected by the pandemic–estimated economic impact of saving over 1500 direct jobs, and an economic impact of over $1.1B
  • Initiated and applied, despite the onerous process, for variances that allowed the following industries to open during the pandemic, against state COVID regulations 
    • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, gyms, youth sports, swimming pools, tourist facilities, churches, restaurants and entertainment, bowling alleys, hotels, and large event venues 
  • Approval of four Urban Renewal Authority bonds for economic revitalization and redevelopment
  • Streamlined business licensing and renewals 
  • Assisted the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce in business recruitment, retention, and development
  • Pushed federal dollars (ARPA and CARES Act) directly to 9 small business membership organizations (listed HERE)
  • Implemented Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (C-PACE), a loan program which helps finance up to 100% of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation improvements  
  • Ensured access across the county by opening new locations of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center to assist those in the southeastern part of the county with services, vaccines, and programs
  • Ensured the $125M of federal CARES Act funding was distributed to various El Paso County entities that were hit hardest during the pandemic including
    • $40M municipalities (after watching Governor not distribute any allocation received)
    • $16M directly to small businesses and citizens in need. 
    • $1M to businesses in the enterprise zone
    • $1.2M to local business non-profits like chambers of commerce
    • $1M to Pikes Peak United Way to support citizens with real needs including food, utilities, and rent assistance. 


  • Supported and funded 9 multi-family affordable housing projects, putting 835 new units on the market and rehabilitating/repurposing through the Housing Trust Fund
    • Freedom Springs, Shooks Run, Atrium at Austin Bluffs, Creek at Cottonwood, Barnes Apartments, Villas at Mesa Ridge, Academy Heights, Greenway Flats and Winfield Apartments
  • Private activity bonds injected another $82 million into the affordable housing economy, jumpstarting developments like the Barnes Apartments, The Creek at Cottonwood, and the Winfield Apartments.
  • Eliminated agency barriers to ensure coordination between first responding agencies and behavior and mental health units to respond to homelessness. 
  • Facilitated down payment assistance through the El Paso County Turnkey Program, helping 459 qualified families achieve the dream of home ownership.


  • Completed local match portion of I-25 widening funding
  • Added $12.5 million in funding for roads in 2021
  • Added $12.1 million as ongoing funding for roads since 2017
  • Added almost $60 million into roads since my term began 4 years ago
  • Added “Pineries Open Space in Black Forest” with over 8 miles of trails spanning 1,000 acres

Community Partnerships

  • Announced $9 million in funding to local nonprofits which were dispersed from federally funds in the American Rescue Plan to assist in COVID recovery
  • Found creative solutions by including government and private entities to come up with effective and fiscally sound solutions

Emergency Management

  • Opened a new regional office of emergency management with the City of Colorado Springs
  • Created a team to coordinate community response, which included community leaders, non-profits, public agencies, schools, private companies, and more
  • Ensured that counties services remained open for business throughout the entire pandemic
  • Continued focus on preparedness to natural disasters as our area is uniquely susceptible to fires and floods. 
  • Signed IGA with Teller County and National Park Service for forest management and fire mitigation in Pikes Peak National Forest

Public Safety

  • $13.5 million CARES ACT funding for jail facility upgrades ​
  • Supported the Sheriff’s Department to crack down on illegal marijuana

Transparency and Accountability of Government Funds

  • Continue to have the lowest cost per citizen and property tax per citizen of any county on the Front Range 
  • Refunded $7 million above the 2020 TABOR caps 
  • Refunded $15 million above the 2021 TABOR caps
  • Put the decision to reset the county’s TABOR base and to use $15 million above the county Tabor cap for backlogged road infrastructure and park projects in the hands of voters​ through Ballot Issue 1A
  • County Clerk/Recorder Chuck Broerman and his team ran a fair, transparent, and credible election. Because of their efforts, we can have faith in our local mail ballot system.
  • Putting every ballot accessible online
  • Paying for an external audit 
  • Establishing a joint initiative with the DA for investigating voter fraud


  • Used a Federal grant to improve roads and safety around our bases 
  • Lobbied/continuing to lobby to keep Space Force in El Paso County

Local Control

  • Took an active stance on 292 of the 623 bills introduced which is just shy of 47%
  • Applied for COVID variances 
  • Introduced C-PACE funds to counteract unfunded mandates