2nd Ammendment

Fiscal Conservative

Limited/efficient government

Public Safety

I-25 Gap Widening

Every time I drive to Denver with my 3-year-old son, I can’t help but feel for the average of four families a year who lose a loved one in “the gap” on I-25.  In 2003, I worked with community and business leaders to help solve a massive infrastructure problem addressed in the PPRTA.  As your next County Commissioner, I am committed to working with all stakeholders to find and promote real solutions so that we can safely travel around our community.  Both transportation and public safety fall within the core responsibilities of government, and the I-25 Gap falls under both--we must make fixing it a top priority for our future.  


We face a homeless crisis of epic proportions.  This is taking its toll on private businesses and government services as well… which means that you, the taxpayer, are already paying for it.  As your next commissioner, I will work with non-profits and other private groups to bring solutions to the table that reduce homelessness and the burden to taxpayers.  My family’s church participates with many other churches to help meet the needs of those in society who need help. As a county, we should work with our non-profits and to help solve these problems and recognize that government cannot solve them alone. 

Overcrowding Jail

Our jail is nearing capacity.  In discussions I’ve had with our sheriff, it is clear that our growing incarceration rate will require a new facility unless we make some changes.  Our sheriff is doing an outstanding job of searching for solutions to this problem that do not require more taxpayer money.  Building a new jail is a burden on taxpayers that should be avoided if possible.  I will work with our sheriff to find and support programs that reduce incarceration while still keeping our citizens safe.  If we can delay or eliminate the need for a new facility, that would be a huge win for taxpayers.  If we must build a new facility to keep criminals off the street and your family safe, I will work with the sheriff and other stakeholders to ensure that your money is spent wisely and efficiently… and that you have a say in the process.

City/County Planning Development and Growth

Even though Commissioner District 5 is entirely in the city, we are facing massive growth and development plans for the outskirts of the city that will come before the commission.  Responsible planning for growth is extremely important to me.  I want my son to inherit an even better community than we have today.  As your next commissioner, I pledge to uphold private property rights and evaluate development and growth plans according to the rule of law.  I know this will not always be popular; but as a conservative, I believe private property rights and established laws and precedence must supersede public opinion.    


We are all passionate about our amazing community, and I look forward to sharing my vision with you this spring.  I am honored that so many community leaders are supporting my campaign, and I look forward to earning your support as well.  Please allow me to share my vision with you and feel free to share your ideas, concerns, and thoughts with me as well. This is our community; let’s work together to build a great future!